Indie Rp page for my OC Tsukiko Kasisama.

A lone warrior living in a Manor left by her caretaker. Living in the middle of the woods, seeking solace and maybe someone to share her life with.

Temporary FC: Bishamon from Noragami

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Also Mun doesn't bite, feel free to make a starter or what so ever, I don't mind doing any sort of RP, from fluff to smut, from friends to battles

Mun FC: Misaki from Kaichou wa Maid-sama // muns makes horribly often ooc posts

About the Mun

Age: forever 18 (Born in the year of the sheep and on the 27th of august I leave the math to you guys >:P )

Name: Kasi, Zuzu, Liana

Place: dork ass country called the Netherlands

Siblings: blood related, no, IT sisters enough to stay sane.

Hobbies: drawing, writing, fangirling
No more running away
The Forest Huntress lives


PSYCHO-PASS Makishima Shogo Statue by Union Creative


"It is a man’s own mind,
Not his enemy or foe,
That lures him to evil ways.”



Happy Rejet CD Release Day! Here’s Sanji’s Teikoku celebratory illus by Kuroyuki-sensei——!!!

+ NEKOTACHI.  \(=`ω´=)/❤


Sanji’s CD in the Teikoku Star series

Sleeve and booklet


While I would love and continue rp and translate, my wrists are at the brink of giving in. So I am taking my leave here, I hope to finish all tomorrow, but I am not sure that I will. Since I will help mom with the bday party preparations.

I thank you all for being patient with me


That was track 3, it kind of ended with a little bit of a feel moment about Kou though

Kou: Don’t worry, I am not planning to jump from here and go~ and die with her. If I could die by jumping from high places I would’ve done so ages ago.

scuse me while i sob about the last line he said there. Ruki even shouted back to him worried ;-; those precious boys.


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ASK          ABOUT TSUKIKO          RULES

My muse was drugged and kidnapped; your muse finds them a week later, tied up and overdosed, barely alive in the cellar of a mutual acquaintance. How does your muse react?

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with this hangover Tsukiko rp I really feel like i need to pester some people while she is a happy stripping drunk, she would soo kick my ass for letting her do the shit I plan her to do www