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Ginoza without his glasses apperciation post


Bring Me The Horizon Can You Feel My Heart

peachyberrylipz whispered: What if you have been in an accident and forgot all about them after that?


Shu: You’ve been out of it for a while… (“Um…”) At least you were wearing your seatbelt… *sigh* (“Er…”) Are you trying to say something…? (“Who are you?”) *twitch* What are you talking about…? I’m Shu… You belong to me… (“I what?”)

Reiji: What are you talking about? Of course you know me! Don’t be a fool. (“I’m sorry, but-“) You’re sorry? YOU’RE SORRY? (“Stop yelling at me!” *slap*) *growl* It seems you’re right. You really don’t remember me. When you get out, I’ll have to teach you everything you forgot. I’ll make you remember me.

Raito: Bitchy-chan, do you still like apples? (“Huh?”) The green ones, right? Here. (“Why are you calling me that?”) You know why~ *leans down to kiss her* (“I don’t even know you!”) Hm? Of course you know me~ Don’t be silly. *kiss* (“Don’t kiss me!”) It seems like you forgot~ *giggle* I’ll make sure you remember me by the time visiting hours are over. Nfu, now let’s see…

Kanato: Hey, stupid, wake up. (“…?”) I SAID WAKE UP! (“What do you want?”) I want to know when you’re getting out of the hospital. (“Why do you care?”) *growl* (“We don’t know each other, do we?”) YOU’RE MY STUPID GIRLFRIEND! (“Don’t yell at me, okay?”) How dare you forGET ABOUT ME?

Ayato: Do you want to remember me? (“You seem nice enough.”) *chuckle* Don’t you wish. (“What?”) Never mind. I want you to remember me, so I’ll make you remember me. If I do anything here, the monitor will break because you’re heart will be racing so fast. (“What?”) *chuckle*

Subaru: Maybe this is for the best. (“Why are you so sad?”) Forget about it. (“Were we together?”) …Yes. (“Then why is this for the best?”) If you want to find out, you’re going to have to wait. (“I want to know now.”) It’s not something I can do in the hospital. (“…”) Look at me. Look at me! (*jump*) If you don’t remember me, then it’s fine. But I’ll remember you, got it? (“But I-“) Listen to me! Idiot.

Ruki: Honestly, livestock- (“Are you calling me fat?”) What? No, I’m… Don’t tell me that you lost your memory of me, now. (“I don’t remember you.”) Hm. I see. I’ll have to re-train you, then. (“What do you mean?”) What do you think I mean? *takes collar out of her belongings* (“O-Oh…”) I treat you well. *kiss* (*blush*)

Kou: Ko-ne-ko- (“Wrong room?”) Huh? No, it’s not the wrong room! (“Then who’s Koneko?”) You are. You’re Koneko-chan. That’s what I call you, anyway. Ooh, so you don’t remember me. Hm. I thought this might happen. (“You’re eye is glowing…”) Huh? Oh, yeah, it does that. (“Why are you acting like that? You’re kind of crazy.”)  Because we’re kind of in public~ *giggle*

Yuma: Oi, sow. (“Stop calling me that! Why do you call me that?”) I made you some stew to eat. (“Thanks.”) Eat it all, got it? (*sigh*) Tch. *kiss* (“I-“) Yuma. (“Yuma-kun, I-“) You’ll know me again. You’re so stupid. Now eat.

Azusa: Ah… Don’t flinch away… I can…can’t pleasure you here, okay? (“…?”) Mm… I know about…what happened… In your hometown, I mean… I found you… You were crying… (“Really…?”) Really… Even if you…don’t remember me… I want you to… So…I’ll help you… Okay? (“Okay…”)





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